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Over 21 million people in Pakistan do not have a clean water source close to home. This Water Crisis hits women the hardest who are forced to walk miles every day to fetch water that is not even fit for drinking. Over 19,000 children succumb to diarrhoea each year due to drinking contaminated water. In order to save the loss of precious lives due to unclean water, We have to act NOW.

Sarwar Foundation is making clean water accessible in the backward and underserved areas across Punjab by installing Solar-Powered Water Pumps. These Water Pumps are the only viable option in water-scarce areas with inadequate electricity supply. A Solar-Powered Water Pump provides many households with a continuous supply of clean water not only for drinking but also for washing, cooking and keeping livestock healthy.


Azra Bibi’s Story

Azra Bibi is a widow who lives with her four children at Umerkot, Sangla Hill. She had two bypass surgeries and a paralysis attack. Despite her failing health, she had to walk daily to a far-off location to fetch water from an unprotected source. Sarwar Foundation installed a Solar-Powered Water Pump in her house. Having a clean water source at home has completely transformed Azra Bibi’s life for good.

"This Water Pump is a blessing and a source of physical as well as mental relief for me. I no longer have to leave my kids alone at home and walk many times a day to fetch water. People in my neighbourhood are also benefitting from this Water Pump. Thank you Sarwar Foundation!"


The Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was asked: Which Charity is best? He replied: Giving Water to drink. (Sahih Al-Jami, no 1113)

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